When is a Trifari brooch, not a Trifari brooch?
Here is a perfect example... A friend gave me this brooch, it's huge, 4" long with molded glass stones, in pristine condition, but was missing all the baguettes and marked Trifari. I sent the photos to our Robin, boy I thought I had something fantastic, I did, a fake. I had checked Jim Katz patent site and ebay, but didn't see anything quite like it. Robin's expert opinion got me into searching every source I get my hands on, yep, a fake. Well, to make a long story, short, I decided to keep it and put in all the baguettes (last plug for a JR member, all the rhinestones were special ordered from Stefanie of Pretty Snazzy) and now I have a gorgeous fake, but what an attention getter!
  Whoever created the brooch had the stems curved. I didn't ask Stefanie, but I'm pretty sure there are no curved baguettes. Not the best design element.

New Rhinestones for Old Bracelet
I got this beautiful bracelet at a thrift store-- years ago. It was missing a couple of pear shape rhinestones and the stone on the tassel end. I'm pretty sure that stone was a "Jade" color, but this was the only stone I had to fit size wise and in the color range. Here is the end results. Again, thanks to Stefanie, Pretty Snazzy.